C Pl RHF move into new accommodation

The Easterhouse detachment has moved into new accommodation and for the first time in many years it’s not in someone else’s building.

In what used to be a derelict structure which had previously been a community centre the Lowland Reserve Forces and Cadets’ Association has transformed it into what must be one of the best equipped detachment’s in the UK.

Lean Cup taking place in the new accommodation
Lean Cup taking place in the new accommodation

The accommodation consists of a main hall which runs the length of the whole building, an office and kitchen area and in the basement four other large rooms of which the detachment will use one as a store and armoury and the other as a lecture room, there is also a fenced outside area which can be used for training and an old sports pitch which we are currently trying to get funding to refurbish.

The hall will be used primarily by the detachment, however, two of the rooms in the basement will be leased out to the local Reid Kerr college for use by their IT department and the main hall will be also leased out on evenings when the detachment is not on by a local line dancing club.

As the main hall is larger than the existing cadet mess at Dechmont, it was chosen to host the Battalion annual air rifle shooting competition for the Lean Cup.

Easterhouse composite