Deputy Brigade Commander presents winners medals

Colonel Rob Jefferies CBE, Deputy Commander 51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland presented medals to the Battalion team that won the Brigade Military Skills competition in September.

Mil Skills Comp 1Because of an admin error on the day of the competition, the team had been presented with runners-up medals.

The 51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland annual military skills competition is run every year by the Cadet Training Team and is open to all 8 ACF Battalions and all the CCF Army sections within the whole of Scotland, it comprises of a tactical phase on the Saturday where teams compete in a round robin of Military Skills stands designed to test skills in the following: First Aid, Map reading, Military Knowledge, Patrolling Skills, Tactical Problem Solving (Command Tasks), Teamwork, Skill at Arms, Observation and Communication and an Assault Course, Route March and a Shoot with the Cadet A2 Rifle during phase 2 on the Sunday.

Sergeant GeddesSergeant Kyle Geddes was a member of the team:

The Military Skills Competition is a fun and challenging experience, which I felt privileged to take part in. The training weekends enhanced my knowledge of cadet subjects like Fieldcraft, Shooting, First Aid and Navigation, Overall the experience really inspired me to achieve which is what the ACF is all about. I would highly recommend it to other cadets.

The team comprised: CSM Adam Canavan; CSgt Kristoffer Love; Sgt Kyle Geddes; CSgt Jamie McCann; Sgt Kyle Evans; Sgt Kyle Geddes; Sgt Dillon Carson; Sgt Seamus Ferry; Cpl Darren Gough and Cpl Craig Cairns.

(CSM Canavan is not in the photograph)

Mill skills 3

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