Air Rifle Competition is first event in new cadet centre

Ten teams fired in the final of the annual Battalion air rifle competition for the Lean Cup at the new cadet centre at Easterhouse on Sun 7 Dec 14.   The first round in the competition is a postal shoot completed at detachment locations with the leading teams going through to the shoulder-to-shoulder final.ARS compositeIn previous years this was limited to just five teams which was all that could be accommodated in the space available at the Dechmont Cadet Training Centre, but when the new Easterhouse building became available just in time for this year’s competition, the main hall provided more than sufficient space for the ten firing points and the four practices -grouping and application from the lying position and grouping when both kneeling and standing. The building is the new home of C Pl RHF and you can read about the background and the development of the cadet centre here. Team winners:  A Tp RA Runners-up: A Pl RHF Third:  6 Tp Scots DG Best individual shot:  Bdr Ryan Macrae – A Tp RA

Air Rifle Presentations Composite