Battalion success in Cadet Hundred Competition

4 Platoon Hamilton have again won the team competition at the end of the first round of the individual Cadet Hundred Air Rifle Competition.  Other Battalion teams also did well and the team results are listed below.

Full results can be seen here.

In the individual competition Cpl Josh Bence of 4 Pl is leading having dropped just 3 points.  Cpl Adam Rankin also of 4 Pl is in second place having dropped 4 points.  Full results can be seen here.

Second round cards have to be fired by 28th February.

1647 cadets entered the competition in 300 teams from 31 ACF counties, battalions and sectors.

Posn Team Points dropped
1 4 Pl Hamilton 30
5 4 Pl Hamilton 77
7 A Pl RHF 81
8 2 Pl RSB 83
10 4 Pl Hamilton 89
12 A Pl RHF 97
13 2 Pl RSB 103

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