All change at Dechmont!

After months of disruption (and dust!), the building work at our Dechmont Cadet Training Centre is almost at an end.

The work began last July with the start of the building of the new training headquarters for the Glasgow and West of Scotland Wing Air Training Corps at the back of our own Battalion HQ building. Cadets and adults from the Air Cadets will be joining us very soon and will be regular users, not just of their new building, but of the training area and of the much larger adult and cadet messes at Dechmont.

With more people using the Cadet Training Centre and with the kitchen and messes having already been too small for our use, the Lowland Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (who look after all of our buildings) has spent a large and very welcome sum of money to extend the cadet mess (which is now twice its original size), to modernise and re-equip the kitchen and to extend the adult mess.

We should be able to move back in to these new facilities at the end of January. With the extra space, there is a plan to make the cadet mess more of well, a cadet mess and put in a table tennis table, pool table, seating areas and more. We need two things – firstly tell us what you would like in your mess and secondly, anyone with a good table tennis table, pool table or similar who doesn’t want them – let us know.  We will probably be asking for some cadets to help decide what the mess should look like and what to have in it. Volunteers welcome!

Air cadetsWe are looking forward to welcoming the Air Cadets to Dechmont. You can find out more about them here.

The picture at the top of the post shows the new ATC training facility.  We will let you see pictures of the new Battalion facilities as soon as the work is complete.  Meanwhile why not join the conversation and let us know how you think the new cadet mess should be equipped and organised.

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