Fingers on buzzers!

Cadets are swatting up on their general knowledge and getting ready to represent their detachment at the annual Battalion Relay Quiz to be held at Dechmont on Sunday 1st February.

It’s teams of 4 cadets, 2 of whom must be aged under 15 years. The competition is divided into three preliminary rounds each lasting 20 minutes with the final lasting 30 minutes. The top highest scoring team of each round will automatically go through to the final. The overall highest scoring team from the remaining teams will also go through to the final.

Round 1 – 1015

1 Pl RSB; 1 Tp Scots DG; C Pl RHF; D Pl RHF; B Pl RHF; 6 Pl RSB; 3 Pl RSB; B Tp RA

Round 2 – 1045

F Pl RHF; E Pl RHF; 4 Pl RSB; A Pl RHF; P&D; 6 Tp Scots DG; 2 Tp Scots DG

Round 3 – 1115

5 Pl RSB; 3 Tp RE; 2 Pl RSB; E Tp R SIGNALS; 5 Pl SG; C Tp RA; A Tp RA; 4 Pl SG

Final at 1230

Last year’s winners were A Pl RHF (Kingspark) who will no doubt be aiming for success again this year but they are likely to meet  some determined opposition.