New appointments to the Bn Training Wing

Two of our officers have recently been appointed to new roles in the training wing.

2Lt Daniel Dillon, currently in charge of 4 Platoon Hamilton, is taking on the mantle of Battalion Cadet and Adult Development Officer. He said of his new appointment:

2Lt Dillon“I see endless potential in the training, motivation and development of every one of our adult instructors and cadets.  Over the past year or so I have been working with the Training Wing to plan and organise, what I see as, much needed progressive training for both adult instructors and senior cadets alike. I now have the position to drive forward with this vision and concentrate my energy on ensuring that every member of the mighty Glasgow & Lanarkshire Bn is given the tools and opportunities to develop, and to achieve their goals.  I look forward to visiting your Detachments and working with you all in the near future and, as always, I am open to suggestions and comments on all aspects of development”

2Lt Robert Campbell, currently detachment commander of D Platoon RHF at Pollokshaws, is the new Assistant Training Officer. He said:

2Lt Campbell“I am very excited to be taking on the role of assist training officer, after 12 years at D Pl RHF. I am also very sad to be leaving the Detachment but I will enjoy the change of pace in this exciting time of change, using my skills in a larger setting. In my time I hope to remove a lot of the admin burden for the DCs with the help of Westminster & Armymail and not add to it. I look forward to working with the Bn training team and wider Bn to inspire the cadets to achieve all that they can”