Police award for Battalion officer

As well as being a Detachment Commander in the Battalion, 2Lt Alan Long’s day job is as a serving constable with Police Scotland and on 27th March he attended an awards ceremony by the Scottish Police Recreation Association (SPRA) held at the Marriot Hotel, Glasgow. 

He told Reporting G&L:

Alan Long‘I was delighted to discover that I had won the Community Award for the West of Scotland and even more thrilled to discover I had won the overall Community Award for Scotland.

The awards were presented partly because of my trek to Everest Base Camp in September/October last year to raise money for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital. Principally, however, the SPRA made the award on the merit of my work with the ACF, which was described at length during the ceremony.

Pictured with me in the photo is my partner, SSI Mhairi Jack, Detachment Commander of 1 Platoon RSB Strathaven, who made the trek to Everest Base Camp with me.’