Completing a 56 mile endurance run

While the rest of the Battalion were enjoying themselves and training hard at Easter Camp, one of our officers 2Lt Daniel Dillon was competing in an endurance event a little closer to home. He spent the weekend running the Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultramarathon, a 56 mile endurance run along the Clyde and Union canals from Ruchill Park in Glasgow to the canals end at the Quay in Edinburgh. He told Reporting G&L:

2Lt Dillon“I was introduced to physically and mentally demanding situations at a young age when I joined the British Army and since becoming a civilian I have maintained that level of challenging pursuits by training and competing in various endurance events around the world. I have found that the people I meet at these events are from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and experiences, but all have the same goal, to achieve something special. A sentiment that links very closely to my experience in the ACF.”