The Commandant back from a week at the Cadet Training Centre, Frimley Park

Bn adults and officers (and those cadets who have attended the Cadet Leadership and Master Cadet courses there) know that Frimley Park is the national training centre for the Army Cadet Force. Based in an old country house in Surrey, it is where all adult instructors and officers go for their national training and promotion qualification courses. IMG_1441 The Commandant has just spent a week there as one of the assistant directing staff (volunteers who assist the Regular Army staff there) on the Area (company) Commander and Commandant and Senior Officers courses. These courses prepare captains for company command and brief newly appointed deputy commandants, commandants and cadet executive officers.

IMG_3173The course includes areas such as command visibility, potential instructor selection; briefings from HQ Support Command; adult and officer discipline and community engagement. It isn’t all heavy, there is time to have a go at the command tasks that are used by the Cadet Force Commissioning Board who pop in from the Army Officer Selection Board team at Westbury, a visit to the local church of St Peter’s (which has a close association with Frimley and is where the old ACF and CCF Banners are laid up) and a regimental dinner night.

The feedback from the students was that the courses went well and gave them what they expected and what they felt they needed. That was good news for me and the other assistant directing staff as we have just spent the last six months rewriting the courses!

IMG_3156I always leave Frimley refreshed. The ACF and the Army invests a great deal in these courses, delivered to our senior officers and rightly so – they are central to the safe and successful delivery of our cadet activity and to the development and nurturing of our adult cohort.

The motto of the Cadet Training Centre is ‘Renovate Animos’: Refreshing the Spirit.