Awards galore!

The Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire was the guest of honour at a presentations evening held at the Dechmont Cadet Training Centre on Wednesday 14th October.

Mushtaq Ahmad OBE presented a number of awards to cadets and ex-cadets including APC Four Star, BTEC, ILM and Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Awards.  Medals were also presented to the winning team in the Cadet Hundred Shooting Competition and to the individual medal winners.  The winning team (for the second year running) in the Brigade Military Skills Competition also received their certificates.

CUO Jonathan Gilbride recalled his experience competing against the best cadets in the UK and the two winning teams in the Battalion Alban Sodger Competition gave their presentations to the assembled guests and were presented with commemorative picture frames (see foot of post).

RSM Kristoffer Love appeared on screen (as he currently on the Battalion Canadian Exchange visit) telling of his experience of being appointed the Cadet RSM and being the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for the County of Lanark.

Names of those who were presented with awards during the evening are given at the foot of the post.


12080095_1021038464584279_5369844568313015090_oAlso presented on the evening were commemorative picture frames to the two winning teams in the Battalion Alban Sodger Competition.  The teams will now go forward to represent the Battalion at the Brigade event later this year.

The teams were:  From A Pl RHF – CSgt Jack Lee and Cdt Jamie Deighan and from F Pl RHF – LCpl Mathew Campbell and Cdts Paula Gillon, Richard Mack and Kimberley Paton.


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Names of those who were presented with awards during the evening are given at the foot of the post.

Certs composite

CVQO Level 2

Cdt Anna Borland

Cdt Dillon Harkins

Cdt Reece Tait

LCpl Share Roan

LCpl Adam Stewart

LBdr Niall Flanagan

LBdr Cameron Harkins

LCpl David McKeown

Cdt Cameron Oehme

CVQO Level 4

Bdr Andi Loen

CSgt Luke Easton

Sgt Victoria Pender

Mr Dillon Carson

ILM Level 2

Miss Shona Boyce

4 Star APC

Bdr Caitlin Cotter

SSgt Jordan Doyle

SSgt David Keel

Sgt Darren Gough

Sgt Connor O’Neill

Sgt John Wilson

Bdr Ryan MacRae

Mr David Tracey

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

SI Samir-Khan Young

SI Aiden McGhie

SI Duncan Smith

SI Marc Maxwell

Miss Lauren McCluskey

Military Skills Team

CSgt Jordan Doyle

Sgt Darren Gough

Bdr Ryan MacRae

Sgt Connor O’Neill

Sgt Seamus Ferry

CSgt Jack Lee

LCpl Karon Ramazani

Cpl Declan Reynolds

CUO Jonathan Gilbride

Cadet 100 Small Bore Shooting

Sgt Darren Gough

Mr Adam Rankin

Mr Josh Bence

Mr Hamish Stretton

Champion Cadet Competition

CUO Jonathan Gilbride

Cadet RSM /Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet

RSM Kristoffer Love