Official opening of …. the biggest?

They have always come in many shapes and sizes but the old style cadet ‘huts’ – although still doing valiant service in many parts of the country – are slowing being replaced by cadet ‘centres’, often custom built to meet the demands of today’s ACF.

Small Then and now composite with wordsHowever the Official Opening of the new cadet centre at Easterhouse in Glasgow last night by The Rt Hon The Lord Provost of Glasgow, Councillor Sadie Docherty must rate as something special.

For many years C Pl RHF has been in rented accommodation, but, in what had previously been a community centre and  derelict for some time, the Lowland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association has transformed it into what must be one of the biggest detachment centres in the UK.

The accommodation comprises a main hall which runs the length of the whole building (and can be divided by a partition), an office and kitchen area and in the basement there are other large rooms including a store, an armoury and a lecture room, there is also a fenced outside area which can be used for training and an old sports pitch.

The guests at the Official Opening, which included parents and local civic representatives, watched some training taking place and learned from the Commandant the story thet led to the detachment parading at the new centre.

Brigadier Matt Lowe, Deputy Commander Cadets at HQ Regional Command joined the Lord Provost in saying how much he has enjoyed the evening and wishing the cadets of the detachment success in the future.

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