Fingers on buzzers …

Coming up in January there is a new quiz to replace the Battalion Relay Quiz which has been running in various forms for over 30 years!

A2 poster V3 - small for blogThere’s a new format and a new set,  with a range of questions from school ‘favourites’ like history, geography and science to those on military knowledge and APC skills.  Knowledge of what’s new in the movies; the latest storylines on TV; who’s ‘cool’ on the radio and questions on the latest chart sounds will have fingers racing to the buzzers .

It’s called the 2UP quiz because two cadets will be on stage at the same time attempting the same question.  It will be a fast moving quiz with cadets stepping up to the podiums and then off again as soon as they press their buzzers and get the answer correct or wrong.  Full details of how the quiz will work can be found here and there will be a number of Cash Prize Spots throughout the quiz.

Entry details will appear on Battalion Routine Orders in due course.

Relay Quiz 2001