A Troop are Battalion table tennis champions

The Battalion Table Tennis Championships at Crow Road resulted in some exciting and challenging games for cadets from detachments throughout the Battalion.

A Troop were the team winners with 1 Troop Scots DG and E Pl RHF joint runners up.

Full results are given below.  More pictures on our Facebook page.


Junior Winner: LCpl Stewart A – 1 Tp Scots DG
Runner-Up: LCpl McFarlane J – E Pl RHF
Third: Cdt Dunbar C – E Pl RHF

Senior Winner SSgt McIntyre A – A Tp RA
Runner-Up: Bdr Butterly S – A Tp RA
Third: LBdr O’Donnell A – A Tp RA

Junior Winners: LCpl McFarlane J and Cdt Dunbar C – E Pl RHF
Runners Up: LCpl Stewart A and LCpl Weir – 1 Tp Scots DG
Third: Cdt Forrester R and Cdt Murray J – 1 Tp Scots DG

Senior Winners: SSgt McIntyre A and Bdr Butterly S – A Tp RA
Runners Up: Cdt McDermott K and LBdr Kerr C – A Tp RA
Third: Cdt Morrison G and Cdt Wannop A – A Tp RA


Winners: A Tp RA
Runners Up: 1 Tp Scots DG  & E Pl RHF
Forth: 6 Tp Scots DG


Winner: – Capt A Stirling MBE