Winning all the trophies

The Battalion had a one-hundred percent success rate at the Scottish Athletics Championships at Grangemouth today wining all eight trophies – Classes A to F inclusive and the overall boys and girls cups.

Individual results are here.

Scottish Athletics 1

The team for the Scottish Championships was selected following the Battalion Championships held at Kelvinside Academy playing fields last Sunday where the team results were:

Boys:  Winners:  A Tp RA;  Runners-up:  6 Tp Scots DG;  Third:  E Pl RHF

Girls:  Winners:  6 Tp Scots DG;  2 Pl RSB;  Third:  D Tp RA

Overall:  Winners:  6 Tp Scots DG;  Runners-up:  A Tp RA;  Third:  2 Pl RSB