Engaging pupils at Drumchapel High

B Tp RA provided an engagement day at Drumchapel High School.  Bdr Kieran Rankin was one of the cadets involved.

Kieran Rankin 3The Drumchapel High engagement event went really well, and a lot of people who I spoke to seemed very interested in joining the cadets and they asked lot of questions like “what’s it like”.  I replied it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  I have autism and not a lot of people understand it, but in cadets I get treated the same as everyone else and it has given me more confidence on speaking in front of bigger groups.

The pupils also asked what stuff I’ve done and I went through the courses I’ve attended; youth first aid, radio and linesman course, the Junior Cadet Instructors Cadre and I’m training for Three Star at the moment and I have also been to many competitions.

It looked like they had a really good time even enjoying marching from what I saw and I had fun helping them get their harnesses on and getting them ready to climb the wall.

Drumchapel High 8