Battalion cadets win at UK Athletics

Battalion cadets made a major contribution to the success of the Scottish team at the ACFA National Athletics Championships held at Grantham on Saturday 11th June.

The Scottish team were the winners of Class A (Junior Boys) and were third overall in the championships.

Individual results were:

Class A (Junior boys)

LCpl Jon Carroll – F Pl RHF:  Winner of 100 metres, 200 metres, Relay.  3rd  in Javelin

Cdt Nathan Donald – 2 Pl RSB:  Winner in Relay

LCpl Alistair Elder – 6 Tp Scots DG:  3rd in Shot and Discus

Class B (Intermediate boys)

LCpl Lewis Golder – 1 Tp Scots DG:  2nd in 800 metres

Class C (Senior Boys)

LCpl Connor Adens – A Tp RA:  3rd in 100 metres

Cdt Ryan Kells – 4 Pl SG:  2nd  in Long Jump

LCpl Ayden O’Donnell – A Tp RA:  3rd in Javelin

Class D (Junior girls)

LCpl Ellie Forrester – D Tp RA:  3rd in Long Jump

Cdt Bethanay Pender – 2 Pl RSB:  Winner of 300 metres

Class E (Intermediate girls)

Cdt Chloe Stirrat – D Tp RA:  3rd in Relay

Cdt Mckern Bowman – D Pl RHF:  3rd in Relay

Class F (Senior girls)

Cdt Laura Romeo – F Pl RHF:  2nd in Relay

LCpl Sasha-Elizabeth Oehme – B Pl RHF:  Winner of High Jump and 2nd in Relay

Cdt Lisa Morrison – 6 Tp Scots DG:  Winner of 800 metres and 2nd in 1500 metres and Relay

Cpl Caitlan Wallace – B Pl RHF:  Winner of Shot and Javelin