6 Troop Scots DG win at air rifle competition

The final of the Air Rifle Competition for the Lean Cup was held yesterday at the Easterhouse Cadet Centre.

The first round of the inter-detachment competition is a postal shoot with the final fired shoulder to shoulder.

presentationThe winners of the Lean Cup (3 position at 10 metres) were 6 Tp Scots DG with 1 Pl REME the runners-up and 2 Pl RSB in third place.

The Robertson Trophy for the best individual shot was won by CSM McEwan of  A Pl RHF with Cdt Allan of 6 Tp Scots DG in second place.  Cpl Murdoch (A Pl RHF) and Cpl Cotlet (6 Tp Scots DG) were third equal.

In the competition for the Kerrigan Trophy (prone at 6 yards) the winners were B Pl RHF and the runners-up were 4 Pl RSB with E Tp Royal Signals in third place.

The best individual shots at 6 yards were Cdt Fitzsimmons of B Pl RHF with Cdt Allan of 4 Pl RSB the runner-up.  LCpl Harkins (B Pl RHF) was third.

More presentation pictures here