Ready to save a life

The Battalion held a First Aid at Work (FAW) course at Dechmont CTC last weekend.

The course, comprising 18 hours of continuous training and assessment, was run by three CFAVs from Lothian and Borders Battalion and there were 22 successful students from the Glasgow and Lanarkshire Battalion at the end of the weekend.

One of the Battalion instructors SI Forsyth was being assessed on the course to become a trainer/assessor in the Battalion.

It is hoped that some of the students will go on to complete a  First Aid Trainer Development Course at the Cadet Training Centre Frimley Park which:

  • Re-qualifies ACF Officers and AIs in First Aid at Work (FAW).
  • Provides the Level 3 Certificate in Immediate Emergency Care – including AED and anaphylaxis training.
  • Provides training in advanced techniques suitable for sustained first aid treatment.
  • Provides a formal qualification to assess cadets and CFAVs to Activity First Aid standard.