B Company – first training weekend of the year

B Company held their first company camp of 2017 at Dechmont CTC on the weekend of 10-12 February.

The training on a cold Saturday consisted of Navigation, Fieldcraft, Drill, Skill at Arms, Air Rifle Shooting and a One Star  Field Exercise.  Saturday was rounded off with a Company Quiz based upon the tv quiz show “The Chase”.  In place of Bradley Walsh was Captain Kerr and the 3 chasers were 2Lt McHugh, SI Hume and SI Mulligan.

The training on an even colder Sunday consisted of the Basic cadets completing the Heart Start course. The 1 Star cadets completed their Drill and Turnout assessment before finishing the weekend with some Navigation training. The Two Star cadets had air rifle shooting whilst the Three Stars had an introduction to the LSW weapon system and the Three and Four Star holders where in the .22 tube range.

The weekend was rounded off with the presentation of 19 Basic and 10 One Star badges  and many shooting classifications.  There was also the promotion of Cadets Owen Arbuckle and Jack Slaven (C Pl RHF) to Lance Corporal and Charlie Keenan (D Pl RHF) completing his induction training and being appointed to the rank of Probationary Instructor.

More pictures from the weekend can be found here.