Further small bore shooting success

A total of 16 Battalion cadets have been awarded Cadet Hundred badges following the final round of the UK small bore competition and 3 are in the top ten:

CSM Ruadhri McEwan (A Pl RHF) Cpl Adam Robertson (4 Pl RSB) and LCpl Lewis Henderson (A Pl RHF).

Full Bn individual results are here.   Team results (previously published) are here.

In the Walter Kirke Trophy Competition – fired on No.8 rifles – the winners are 4 Pl RSB,  runners-up are 2 Pl RSB and in fourth place are A Pl RHF.

In the UK News of the World Competition, teams from 2 Pl RSB and 4 Pl RSB will fire shoulder to shoulder in the final at Bisley on the 8th April.