Cadet RSM appointed

The Battalion has appointed Amy Coulter as the Cadet RSM.

Amy is 17 next month had been in the ACF almost 5 years. She told Reporting GandL that she has very much enjoyed her time in the cadets and has always been keen to pass her knowledge and skills on to the younger cadets.  Shooting, playing in the Battalion hockey team and making new friends have been just some of the highlights of her time in A Troop RA, where working as part of a successful detachment has been a great learning experience.

On her appointment as Cadet RSM she said:

‘It’s not quite sunk in yet, but I am very proud of what I have achieved in the cadets – and being appointed Cadet RSM is as good as it gets.  I realise that there will be some challenges ahead but I hope to work with the other cadets in the Battalion to ensure that we continue to achieve in all that we do’.